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Natural Clamns of Galician Estuaries

Venerupis pullastra. Galician Estuaries

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  • +12 piezas (OL-85)

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Clams are considered the Queens of the canned seafood and it is one of the most exclusive products from the Galician estuaries.

Clams from the Galician Rías are selected and obtained directly in the Galician seafood markets of highest prestige, choosing the largest and highest quality product during the extraction campaign (from October to December).

Purified in sea water, the selection and cleaning are performed completely manually, one by one, where we chip them and remove their gills. Once clean and without sand, they are placed manually in the can to be perfectly presented. The clams represent one of the most select seafood par excellence, recognized for its intense flavour and firm texture

+12 pieces, Net Weight: 85g (OL-85)

This product is no longer in stock