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Cockles of Galician Estuaries

Cerastoderma edurle. Origen Ría de Noia

16,45 €

Precio con I.V.A. incluido

  • 25/35 piezas (OL-85)
  • 18/24 piezas (OL-85)

Committed to sustainability and artisanal fishing, our cockles wear the “Noia cockle” seal that guarantees the origin, quality, freshness and capture with sustainable arts in Galicia. They come exclusively from the Ría de Noia, origin of the best Galician cockle, this being the best in Europe, for its flavour and size.

We purify them in seawater in a natural way and after that they are cooked, washed and selected by size manually. The product is then canned one by one with the same care and professionalism that characterizes our packers, who are all women.

18-24 pieces
25/35 pieces
Net Weight: 80g (OL-85)