Navajas al aceite de oliva View larger

Razor Shells in Olive Oil

Ensis arcuatus. Origen Rías Gallegas
Hand packed one by one

11,88 €

Precio con I.V.A. incluido

  • 4/6 piezas (RR-125)

In the seabed of the Natural Park of the Atlantic Islands, expert divers are in charge of extracting this precious shellfish.

It is made with a previous manual selection of the best specimens that directly undergo a process of natural purification in sea water to remove the sand.

The razors are canned one by one with all the care required by this excellent product.

When opening the can, you can see the coloured navajas pearly white with brownish edges, bathed in liquid of high quality coverage cooked from onion, lemon, salt, and laurel.

Net Weight:120g (RR-125)