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Hake Roe Paté

Merlucius merlucius. Origen Atlantic Ocean

10,69 €

Precio con I.V.A. incluido

  • Formato RO-150

Once they reach our plant, the hake roe (Merlucius merlucius) coming from the Celeiro fish market in A Coruña is carefully selected, cooked and cleaned, cut one by one manually and packed in the shape of medallions of the thickness we wish, to which a chilli is added to give them a pleasant natural spicy touch.

In another reference a delicate spreadable made with the interior of the roe mixed in a calculated proportion with a fine, slightly spicy garlic-oil that confers a surprising and exceptional flavour.

Characterized by its powerful flavour and a peculiar texture of the roe in the mouth. A preserve of true luxury for lovers of the exceptional.

Net Weight: 130g (RO-150)