Ventresca de Bonito "Empaque Vasco"en Aceite de Oliva View larger

Belly Meat of Northern Albacore "Empaque Vasco" in Olive Oil

Thunnus alalunga.

Origen North of Atlantic Ocean

8,77 €

Precio con I.V.A. incluido

  • Formato OL-120

Los Bonitos del Norte, after being selected in the seafood market, are transferred to the factory to be processed immediately fresh, without getting any freezing process to extract the “ventresca” (the belly meat of the fish) fresh, cleaning it carefully and packing it in the can manually the entire pieces, without filleting, to preserve their texture and avoid the oxidation of the fat between its slices, achieving its exceptional flavour.

Net Weight: 115 g (OL-120)