Exploring the secrets of a gourmet canned food store

Dive with Real Conservera Española into the secrets held by a Gourmet Store. In our quest to provide an exceptional culinary experience, we will unveil the details that make our products true gastronomic gems.

We will start with the art of canning, a fundamental aspect to ensure the impeccable presentation of our premium conservas. Each piece of seafood or fish is carefully selected and treated with great care to ensure a culinary masterpiece in every can. Our master conservas dedicate themselves to manually packing each can, ensuring to place each piece precisely and delicately.

We will delve into the variety of presentation formats we offer in our gourmet canned food store, designed to satisfy all tastes and needs. From lighter portions to more generous options, our Gourmet products are presented in different sizes and can shapes, allowing you to choose according to your preferences.

But we don’t stop just at the inside of the can. The quality of the material and the design are also key elements that we value at Real Conservera Española. We use aluminum instead of tinplate to preserve the freshness and quality of our gourmet conservas, while the carefully crafted design of our cans creates a pleasant visual and tactile experience.

At Real Conservera Española, we take pride in offering an excepcional gourmet experience. Join us as we explore the secrets of a Gourmet Store and discover how every detail, from the packing to the quality of materials and design, comes together to create unforgettable moments.

The Art of Arrangement in Gourmet Products

At Real Conservera Española, we value the artisanal packing as a key aspect to ensure the impeccable presentation of our conservas in our Gourmet Store. Each piece of seafood or fish is treated with great care throughout the cleaning and prepping process. Our master conservas select and handle each piece, meticulously controlling weights, sizes, colors, flavors, and fats to achieve a homogeneous puzzle, a true gastronomic masterpiece. Each can is manually packed with meticulous attention, ensuring that each piece is placed precisely and delicately.

The arrangement is a crucial aspect in the presentation of Gourmet Products, as it awakens the senses and creates a pleasant visual and tactile experience. For us, it’s not just about how we carefully select and prepare each piece of seafood or fish, but also about how we place them in the can. Our artisanal approach ensures that each conserva is a testament to the gastronomic excellence.

Types of packing for our gourmet conservas.

We work with different styles of arrengement that enhance the presentation of our conservas in our Gourmet Store. One of them is the Basque Packing, used for our Albacore Tuna Ventresca. In this method, a single piece of Albacore Tuna Ventresca is packed in the can without separating the fillets, preserving all its juiciness and fat. The thin fillets are kept upright in the can, creating an elegant and appetizing presentation.

The Basque Packing is a tribute to the Basque culinary tradition, where Albacore Tuna Ventresca is highly appreciated for its exceptional flavor and texture. By keeping the fillets together, we avoid any loss of juiciness and preserve the natural fat of the Albacore Tuna Ventresca, which contributes to its incomparable flavor and tenderness. Each piece of Albacore Tuna Ventresca is placed with meticulousness and care, ensuring it maintains its shape and impeccable appearance.

In the case of round cans, we use the flower-shaped arrangement. In this arrengement style, a ring is formed around the can. In the case of mussels, the laurel and clove are left at the center. This technique not only has a visually delicate appearance but also serves a functional purpose. Over time, the laurel and cloves infuse their flavor into each piece of mussel, providing a unique and consistent touch to each one.

Real Conservera Española Mussels packed in Flower arrangement (Round Can).

In addition to the Basque packing for Albacore Tuna Ventresca and the flower-shaped arrangement for mussels, we also use the herringbone arrengement for our oval cans. This careful technique involves placing the pieces of seafood on top of each other, forming layers on the sides of the can. It requires skill and precision from our master preservers to ensure that each piece fits perfectly into place. The herringbone arrangement maximizes the space inside the can, allowing us to pack a greater quantity of pieces without compromising their integrity, while also providing greater stability and protection.

Real Conservera Española Mussels packed in Herringbone arrangement (Oval Can)

At our Gourmet Store, we strive to offer Artisan Conservas that not only stand out for their unique flavor but are also a pleasure for the senses. Each style of arrengement we use in our Gourmet Products reflects our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and exceptional presentation.

The variety of gourmet products in presentation formats

The presentation formats of our Gourmet Products differ in both weight and the shape of the can. Our conservas are available in various sizes, such as 85 grams, 120 grams, 150 grams, and more. In addition, we offer options of oval, round, and rectangular-shaped cans.

Each can format has its own arrengement style that complements the presentation and culinary experience. For example, round cans can have a flower or grid-shaped arrengement, while oval cans are packed in herringbone arrangement.

To identify our products, we use codes that indicate both the type of can and the net weight of the content. For example, a product labeled as OL85 means that the can is oval-shaped and has a net weight of 85 grams. When two varieties of the same product have the same number of pieces indicated with the same size, and the net weight of the can is the same in both varieties (such as mussels 7/9 pieces OL-120 and mussels 7/9 pieces RO-120); this means that the content of both cans is the same; only the arrengement style and shape of the can vary.

At Real Conservera Española, we take pride in providing a wide variety of presentation formats to suit your tastes and needs. Explore our Online Gourmet Store of conservas and discover the various options available, from oval and round cans to different net weights. Each format and placement style is designed to highlight the quality and exceptional presentation of our products.

The importance of material quality and design in Gourmet Products

We strive to provide an exceptional gourmet experience from the moment one of our cans is opened. To achieve this, we dedicate ourselves to taking care of every detail, both inside and outside of our products.

Starting with the inside of the can, we only use the highest quality raw materials. We carefully select the finest pieces of seafood and fish, harvested during their season to ensure their exceptional freshness and flavor. Our team takes care of every stage of the process with love and care, ensuring that each gourmet conserva is a true gastronomic treasure. The arrengement itself is an impressive work of art, designed to dazzle and delight the senses when opening the can.

In addition to the quality of the contents, we take pride in also caring for the outside of our cans. We use aluminum instead of tinplate, a high-quality material that ensures the protection and preservation of our Gourmet Products. This change allows us to maintain the freshness and quality of our conservas for a longer period.

But not only do we care about the quality of the material in our gourmet store of conservas, but we also value the design of our cans. For example, all our round cans in the 120-gram format (RO-120) are lithographed in a corporate dark background, giving them an elegant and sophisticated look. Each can is like a dish ready to be savored, reflecting our dedication and commitment to excellence in every detail.

Lithographed Can

We take pride in offering the highest quality Gourmet Products, both inside and outside each can. We value freshness, flavor, and attention to detail at every stage of production, and we strive to provide an exceptional experience through carefully crafted design.

Take a look at our Gourmet Conservas Store and discover how the quality of the material and the design of our cans come together to create an incomparable culinary experience. Welcome to Real Conservera Española, where each can is a gastronomic work of art ready to delight your senses.