Passion for the product, passion for what’s ours

We have a deep passion for the job, for seafarers, for our estuaries, for our environment and for our tradition. That is why we continue to do things in the traditional way as they have been taught to us generation after generation.
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The most exclusive canned seafood

Our canning process is done in a manual, craft way, in which every piece is carefully placed in the can. We also recover traditional processes like toasting some of the fish and use only the ingredients of the highest quality. All of this is what makes our product stand out among any other in the market.

Natural ingredients, no additives

Every Real Conservera Española product is made exclusively from fish and seafood from the Galician estuaries, either from the Atlantic Ocean or the Cantabrian Sea. We make sure to use only the best specimens, captured during season, when they are in optimum condition.

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A unique gourmet product

Our canned seafood is hand-packed, selecting the best specimens and placing them carefully to ensure the best presentation possible when opening the can.