Real Conservera Española

The best canned gourmet seafood

Passion for the product

We have a deep passion for the job, for seafarers, for our estuaries, for our environment and for our tradition. That is why we continue to do things in the traditional way as they have been taught to us generation after generation.

We continue to make our preserves only with seafood from the Galician Rías and we make our sauces and juices following traditional recipes using only natural ingredients without additives. Maintaining already forgotten processes such as the roasting of some fishes.

Only the most select preserves

Only the most select preserves

Only seafood from the Galician Estuaries

At Real Conservera Española we only produce high-quality preserves from the best shellfish and fish caught at the best moment of its season. The product is made in a traditional way, taking care of canning and packing by hand. Selecting and placing each piece in the can to guarantee the best presentation at the time of tasting.

Thanks to our passion for things well done we are able to get a unique gourmet product in the world.