Grilled Real Conservera Española Razor Shells with Garlic and Paprika

Our friends at COCINA FÁCIL CON A&B have come up with this amazing recipe with our Razor Shells of Galician Estuaries, winner of the World’s Best Canned Seafood Award in its category.

The Real Conservera Española Razor Shells:

At the bottom of the ocean floor of the Atlantic Islands Natural Park, expert divers extract this prized seafood. We begin by manually selecting the best specimens, which will be processed at a natural sea water seafood purification plant in order to remove all of the sand.
The Razor Shells are then canned one by one, by hand, with the utmost care that this product deserves.
When opened, one can observe the pearly white and gold colors of the razor shells in the can, which are covered by a high quality onion, lemon, salt and laurel broth.



Ingredients for 4 people:
-3 Garlic cloves

-50 grams of Parsley

-Olive Oil, Salt, Paprika and Black Pepper

Real Conservera Española Razor Shells of Galician Estuaries


Difficulty: low


Time: 6 minutes



Cut the 3 garlic cloves into thin slices and lightly cook in a pan with olive oil, then add chopped parsley and a teaspoon of paprika.

Add the Real Conservera Española Razor Shells in the pan for a couple of seconds to lightly cook them and mix with the rest of the ingredients.

Remove from the pan and serve in a slate plate.

What an amazing snack! A real delicacy!


Watch our step-by-step guide: