Keys to choosing gourmet seafood and fish preserves

In the world of food, it’s essential to know the quality and origin of the products we consume, especially when it comes to seafood and fish preserves. Although there are many options on the market, it’s important to distinguish between high, medium, and low-quality products. In this article, we’ll present some key aspects to consider when buying gourmet preserves, paying special attention to the quality and transparency of the declared ingredients.

Commercial classification of preserves

In seafood and fish preserves, the number of pieces in each can is essential and is usually declared on the labeling. For some of them, there is a regulation that regulates the commercial classification of large, medium, and small in reference to the size of the pieces. In the case of seafood, the larger pieces are the most valued and demanded in the market, while in fish, the opposite occurs, and the smaller pieces are sought after. It’s essential to identify the number of pieces to avoid confusing a “giant” mussel with a “large” one.

This commercial classification is legally governed by the drained weight according to the number of pieces. For example, in the case of pickled mussels, if the ratio is greater than 9 grams, they will be considered “giant.” If the ratio is greater than 7.5 grams, they will be “large”; if it’s greater than 5.5 grams, they will be “medium,” and if it’s less than 5.5 grams, they will be “small.”

Real Conservera Española is one of the few gourmet preserves that offers 5-7 mussels in escabeche, known as “giants” for exceeding 9 grams of drained weight per unit. This guarantees maximum quality in our premium preserves and ensures the consumer the authentic taste of seafood. In addition, we strive to offer more product quantity than indicated on the label to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Beyond the label in gourmet preserves

In addition to offering high-quality preserves with a careful production process, at Real Conservera Española we distinguish ourselves by offering a higher net weight in our preserves than indicated on the label. We mark a legal minimum, but we always exceed that minimum, which means that when weighing the can, the weight is higher than what appears on the label.

This commitment to the consumer translates into a greater amount of product, which represents a better value for money. It’s important to mention that in the case of preserves, the drained weight is the weight of the actual product without the covering. For example, in the case of a can of pickled mussels from Real Conservera Española, the drained weight will be higher than declared on the label because we offer more product than the legal minimum required.

Transparency in ingredients: Real Conservera Española

In the case of canned seafood, it’s common to use coverings to preserve the products and ensure their quality. At Real Conservera Española, we strive to use coverings made in our kitchens with completely natural ingredients following traditional recipes.

It’s important to mention that when a seafood can is labeled as “in brine”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it only contains water and salt. In most cases, ingredients, whether natural or synthetic, are added to enhance the flavor and help preserve the appearance of the seafood. We make a broth with completely natural ingredients that are declared on the ingredient list.

For example, in the case of Cockles in brine from Real Conservera Española, we use lemon, bay leaves, and onion to make the covering. These ingredients complement the flavor of the product and provide a touch of freshness and aroma that perfectly complements the taste of the cockle.

At Real Conservera Española we believe that our customers deserve to know exactly what they are buying. Therefore, we make sure to indicate all the ingredients we use in our gourmet canned foods, including those used in the all-natural coverings. This way, our customers can be sure that they are purchasing quality products, made with fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients.