Real Conservera Española: Excellence in seafood preserves according to Marmite magazine

The Swiss magazine Marmite, renowned for its long-standing exploration and promotion of global gastronomy, has published several articles on Spanish culinary culture in its “Unknown Spain” section. In its latest article on Galicia, Marmite has highlighted the excellence of Real Conservera Española.

The prestigious magazine has awarded several accolades to the quality and flavor of Real Conservera Española preserves. Among them is the “World’s 101 Best, Canned Products from the Sea. Top 10”, considered the “Oscar of luxury preserves”.

According to Marmite, “the tiny sardines have a very mild flavor and, at the same time, a delicious sea touch. They literally melt in your mouth”. In addition, the magazine highlights the meticulousness in the preparation of preserves and the excellence in taste and texture that can be enjoyed in each one.

At Real Conservera Española, they work with tradition and knowledge acquired over more than a century to produce high-quality preserves, always respecting the seafood and its flavor. That is why “it is not surprising that Swiss restaurants, such as Gamper-Bar in Zurich, are surrendering to the quality of Real Conservera Española preserves”.

Real Conservera Española has become a benchmark in the world of seafood preserves thanks to their dedication and daily work to maintain excellence in each of their cans. As the magazine rightly indicates, “the treasures of the sea are preserved in Real Conservera Española”.

If you want to learn more about the article that Marmite has published on Spanish culinary culture and where they highlight the excellence of Real Conservera Española, do not hesitate to follow this 🔗link to read it in full! We assure you that it will open your appetite and you will be surprised by the quality of our products.