Protected Designations of Origin: A Voluntary and Committed Approach

Unlike other regulations governing food production and labeling, the origin declaration is not a mandatory requirement for preserves. Nevertheless, at Real Conservera Española, we consciously choose to demonstrate the authenticity and origin of our products through seals and Protected Designations of Origin.

The EU Labeling Regulation

Despite establishing guidelines through Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 to ensure that food labels are transparent and comprehensive, providing consumers with the necessary information to make informed and safe choices, it does not require the mandatory declaration of origin in preserves.

The set of key information that must appear on food labels includes the precise name of the food, providing clarity about the product in question, and a complete list of ingredients, which allows the identification of allergens or ingredients relevant to consumers. The net quantity of the product is included on the packaging to prevent confusion regarding the quantity purchased. Minimum durability and expiration dates must also be declared,since they are crucial to ensure the freshness and safety of the product. While these regulations are mandatory for the food industry, the declaration of origin in preserves is not subject to the same requirement.

Within the world of fish and seafood, origin and quality are crucial aspects that influence the culinary experience. That’s why, at Real Conservera Española, we declare the designations of origin and quality seals on our preserves as symbols of authenticity and excellence, especially in the realm of marine products.

The Essence of Protected Designations of Origin

Protected Designations of Origin are certifications that endorse authenticity and quality of products originating from a specific region. In the case of fish and seafood, Protected Designations of Origin become tangible guarantees that the products have been captured or cultivated following traditional practices in a specific environment, contributing to their unique flavor and character.

  • Commitment to Tradition and Quality

In the seafood industry, Protected Designations of Origin are not just labels; they are evidence that the products have been obtained while respecting culinary traditions and the conditions of the place of origin. Mexillón Galicia, Pesca de Rías or Berberecho de Noia become examples of quality and authenticity, adding extra value to consumers’ choices and establishing a connection between the product and its place of origin.

  • Guarantee of Origin and Distinctive Flavor

One of the standout aspects of Protected Designations of Origin in fish and seafood is their assurance of specific origin, which contributes to obtaining a distinctive flavor. By highlighting them on labels, as Real Conservera Española does, it provides consumers with the assurance that they are choosing authentic products made with high-quality ingredients and in an environment that enhances their characteristic flavor.

The Authenticity Seal: Protected Designation of Origin Mejillón Galicia

Within the world of preserves, there is a culinary treasure that represents the marine wealth of the Galician region of Spain: the Galician mussel. Through an authenticity seal known as the Protected Designation of Origin Mejillón Galicia, an unbreakable bond is established between the land and the sea, ensuring the origin and exceptional quality of this marine delicacy.

This seal is instantly recognizable on our gourmet mussels. With its iconic design, this seal combines the symbol of the mussel shell’s ridges, evoking its living and natural essence, with the inscription ‘Mejillón de Galicia, Denominación de Origen Protegida’.

pescadeRías Certification: A Commitment to Sustainability and Marine Freshness

On the coasts of Galicia, where the sea and tradition intertwine in a unique symbiosis, ‘pescadeRías’ emerges as a brand that personifies the authenticity and sustainability of the seafood products. from the region. Beyond just a label, ‘pescadeRías’ is a symbol of a responsible and mindful approach to fishing and shellfish gathering, one that respects both the marine treasures and future generations.

The products under this brand originate from shellfish gathering and coastal fishing that take place in the ports of Galicia. What sets them apart is the speed at which they reach the hands of consumers: less than 24 hours out of the sea at the time of their first sale. This immediacy guarantees the unparalleled freshness of every bite, allowing the marine flavors and textures to express themselves in all their splendor.

But beyond freshness, the ‘pescadeRías’ certification reflects a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. The fishing methods and modalities used in the extraction of these products are carefully chosen to minimize environmental impact and preserve the balance of marine ecosystems, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the abundance of Galician seas.

In a gesture that further emphasizes the authenticity of our products, all our preserves recognized under the ‘pescadeRías’ certification are accompanied by our natural fumet as the covering liquid. This liquid, without additives or artifice, showcases the pure and raw essence of the ingredients contained in each container.

Berberecho de Noia: Authenticity, Sustainability, and Galician Excellence

“Berberecho de Noia. Artisanal Fishing. Galician Estuaries” stands as a distinctive mark of origin and quality, ensuring that clams labeled under this designation are the result of artisanal fishing, carried out by authorized professionals in the specific areas and conditions outlined in the Exploitation Plan. The association with the Noia Brotherhood and sales in their own fish markets add an additional level of oversight and assurance throughout the process, from extraction to marketing.

The mention of ‘Artisanal Fishing’ highlights the tradition and consideration for the ecosystem that characterizes the capture of these clams. It often employs selective capture methods, minimizing interference with marine ecosystems and respecting biodiversity and the natural regeneration of species populations.

Furthermore, all products under this brand bear the prestigious ‘Galicia Calidade’ seal, which adds an additional level of assurance and recognition to the quality of these clams, certifying the excellence and authenticity of Galician products.

The Berberecho de Noia brand not only highlights the quality of the products but also contributes to the preservation of traditional fishing practices and the sustainability of marine resources in the Galician estuaries.

A Journey of Authenticity and Commitment from Sea to Table with Real Conservera

In the world of gourmet preserves, transparency in origin emerges as a bridge between producers and conscious consumers. Even though regulations do not require origin disclosure, at Real Conservera Española, we have chosen the path of authenticity and quality, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards.

Protected Designations of Origin and quality brands like Berberecho de Noia are tangible symbols of tradition, sustainability, and a distinctive flavor that evokes the waters and practices of this unique region. They also allow us to connect with the culinary and maritime roots of Galicia in every bite.