Real Conservera: gastronomic reference of El Gourmet de la Roja, official gastronomy brand of the Spanish football team in Qatar

The Spanish Football Team continues its tour in Qatar in one of the most anticipated events of this sport worldwide. With the same strength, they are accompanied by El Gourmet de la Roja, a team made up of the best gastronomic brands in Spain.

When you taste the best, you want the best

El Gourmet de la Roja is an official project licensed by the Real Federación Española de Fútbol that brings together the best flavors of our gastronomy and the values ​​of the National Team: history, tradition, commitment and effort.

Fourteen Spanish PDO gourmet brands have been chosen to form part of El Gourmet de la Roja. Among them could not be missing Real Conservera Española, recognized as “Best Canned Food in the World” by the World’s 101 Best Canned Products from the Sea ranking and as the “Excellent Product” of Galicia by the Galician Food Cluster.

A great signing: the Galician preserve

As a cannery with more than 100 years of tradition and experience, the flagship of Galician canning and an international benchmark, we have been selected to represent the essence of Spanish seafood through El Gourmet de la Roja.

All our gourmet preserves are treated and elaborated manually, piece by piece, based on top quality raw material, captured at its best. The result, a true product that recognizes the quality and excellence of Spanish culinary art with a presence in restaurants with three Michelin stars.

Our success lies in our great human team, made up of the best artisans in Galicia, whose expert hands transmit the values ​​of tradition and respect in each can. They keep alive the legacy of passion for things well done, transmitted from generation to generation and, as we say in our factory in Camabados, “many more to come.”

Three gourmet preserves

For our participation in El Gourmet de La Roja Real Conservera Española we have created a selection of three of the gourmet preserves with the most national demand: tuna belly with curry, pickled mussels fried in olive oil and small sardines in olive oil.

A proposal that combines the strength of the Mussel, the refinement of the Sardine and the vision of the game of the Tuna in a single limited edition pack, specially designed with the colors of our players, and available from this month at Logista points of sale.