Real Conservera Española Pickled Mussels with Parmentier and Artichoke Heart

The mussel campaign begins at Real Conservera Española. Ranked among the TOP 10 in the molusc category by World’s 101 Best Canned Food Products from the Sea.

Ingredients for 4 people:
8 Artichoke Hearts

100 grams of Kale

2 Baked Potatoes

Olive Oil, Salt and Black Pepper

Real Conservera Española Pickled Mussels

Difficulty: medium

Time: 10 minutes


Boil the potatoes, once cooked, mash them with some of the water, salt, black pepper and the pickle juice from the mussels. The parmentier will be ready once it has a creamy texture.

Here is a video on how to prepare the potato parmentier:

Add two tablespoons of potato parmentier on a dish or plate.

Put some kale on a baking tray, add olive oil and salt, and mix together. Set the oven to 180º C (356º F) and bake for about 3 minutes or until crunchy.
Add two artichoke hearts over the parmentier, decorate with some crunchy kale and place two pickled mussels from Real Conservera Española.

Our tasty snack is finished and ready to be enjoyed!

Watch our step-by-step guide: