This Christmas buy Real Conservera Española as a gift

We can’t hold back anymore! Galician streets are increasingly reminiscent of Christmas and, of course, we couldn’t stay behind. That’s why we start Christmas right now, and we do it with our favorite part: THE GIFTS.

As we could not choose just one, this year we propose three gifts that will melt the heart (and nougat) of your loved ones. Do you want to know about them? Keep Reading.

A gourmet gesture

Our first option is a pack of four of our best canned seafood packaged in a beautiful gift box printed with our characteristic scales and with our logo stamped with a very special metallic finish.

You can choose between two gift packs:

  • Isla de Ons“: a can of sardinilla in olive oil, a can of natural scallops, a can of squid in its ink and a can of hakeroe in olive oil.

  • Isla de Sálvora”: a can of sardinilla in olive oil, a can of pickled fried mussels, a can of razor clams in olive oil and a can of light tuna belly in olive oil.

The best Christmas gift in the world

A gift that always triumphs is a gourmet gift, but if it is also considered the best in the world, success is assured. Our “Islas Cíes” gift pack contains a can of natural scallops, a can of hakeroe in spicy olive oil, a can of natural #cockles, a can of natural clams, a can of pickled fried mussels, a can of sardinilla 10/14 in olive oil and a can of squid in its ink. A splendid combination of seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, carefully selected and caught during campaign.

Like our small format gift packs, this case features our printed scales and logo printed with a metallic finish. The result is impressive: a full-fledged gourmet case at the height of the treasure it keeps inside.

Arte en Lata

We’ve saved the newest and most unique christmas gift for last: a true wonder that can only be described as “Arte en Lata“.

The dark wooden case has an exclusive work of art, created especially for Real Conservera Española by 14 renowned national and international artists and 12 of our best seafood references: Sardinillas in Olive Oil, Puntillitas Small Squids in Ink Sauce, SmallSardines in Spicy Olive Oil, Natural Scallops, Natural Cockles, Natural RazorClams, Natural Clams, Ventresca of White Tuna in Olive Oil, Mackerels in Olive Oil, Hake Roe Paté in Olive Oil, Small Sardines in Olive Oil with Lemon and SeaUrchin Roe.

The outside of the case is covered by the artwork itself with its own frame and glass to protect it. The inside holds all the cans with our scales and logo decorating the print. A gift whose exterior reflects the beginning, origin and birth of our gourmet conservas and whose interior presents the final result.