6 Signs that Distinguish Artisanal Canned Food

Consumers today prefer natural, eco-friendly products over their counterparts, avoiding those with more industrialized production processes or that are mass produced. The food industry, including canned foods, has also been shifting towards a more artisanal approach for their products. Canneries like Real Conservera make their products by hand with natural ingredients, offering high-quality canned seafood.

I today’s entry, we will talk about which signs to look out for when trying to differentiate a gourmet canned food product from one that isn’t.


1. Ingredients

The preserved food in gourmet canned products are always carefully chosen during their season in order to ensure that they are at their best, with all of the desired qualities. At Real Conservera, we go to local markets in the “Rías Baixas” region in person, where we know that we can find the best selection of fish and seafood, making sure to pick the best specimens one by one with which will later be preserved.


2. Preparation

One of the characteristics of artisanal canned food is the great care that goes into the whole production process, from storing the product in adequate conditions to the placement of the fish and seafood in the cans.


3. Production

The production process of artisanal canned food is a slow one. Each step is done with the same care and attention to detail that goes into making a nice home-cooked meal. Cooking times are carefully supervised and each specimen is peeled and eviscerated by hand, an added value which gives them superior taste and texture compared to other, more industrialized processes.


4. Canning

The canning process is traditionally done using tin cans, however, nowadays, alimunum cans are more commonly used as their properties are much better. They are also BPA-free, lighter, easier to open and have no outer oxidation… in general terms, they are just better.

This canning process is commonly called “estiba” and for artisanal canned food, it is always done by hand. Each specimen is placed in the can one by one, ensuring that they will be properly covered in oil or covering liquid, as well as providing a better presentation. Artisanal canned food products always count with covering liquids which only use natural ingredients, giving them a much better, natural taste.

After canning comes a crucial step, sealing, which is even more important in artisanal cans. The seal is airtight and, given its importance in the sterilization process, is subjected to thorough examinations. In Real Conservera’s case, the sealing process is also done manually. We have specific personnel for this task, the sealing technician. Diego, whose father was a well-known mechanic in the area.


5. Sterilization

Artisanal canned food allows long-term food preservation, without any kind of additives, artificial preservatives or industrial processes that would affect the product’s quality. It is for this reason that sterilization is of such importance after the canning process.

Sterilization is the final step of producing canned food, and is what ensures that the product inside will be suitable to consume after a long period of time, meeting all health standards. It is the only part of the whole production process that can be considered “industrial”.


6. Choose Real Conservera

The best way to make sure that the canned food that you are going to eat is artisanal is by choosing Real Conservera Española. The canned seafood that we make are gourmet products which only use the best natural ingredients from the Galician estuaries, hand-packed and marinated with homemade covering liquids.

When you choose Real Conservera Española, you are choosing a high-quality, artisanal product.


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