Discover the different types of clams and their characteristics

Clams are a highly valued seafood in the gastronomy of the whole world. There are various species of clams, each with its own peculiarities and flavors. In this article, we present some of the most common types of clams, their characteristics, origin, fishing season, and fishing methods.

Grooved carpetshell

(Ruditapes decussatus)

The Grooved carpetshell is a highly valued species in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. It is found in the coasts of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, from Scandinavia to North Africa. It is a medium-sized clam with a grayish or light brown shell. It is traditionally caught using methods such as basket rake. The Grooved carpetshell season usually runs from September to May, although it may vary depending on the region.

Manila clam

(Ruditapes philippinarum)

The Manila clam is a species native to Asia that has spread worldwide. It is a small to medium-sized clam with a light brown or greenish shell. It is highly valued in oriental cuisine and is typically harvested using fishing methods such as trawling and dredging.

Pullet carpet shell

(Solen marginatus)

The Pullet carpet shell, also known as the razor clam, is a species found in the northern coasts of Spain and North America It is the only clam species used in our canned products. It is a medium-sized clam with an elongated dark brown shell. It is typically harvested using traditional fishing methods such as raking and trawling. This razor clam can be harvested throughout the year, although its best season is usually from October to December when it has more fat and flavor.

This species is known for its resilience, as it adapts well to farming and fishing conditions, and its firm texture and intense flavor remain even after being processed. That’s why we have selected the Pullet carpet shell species to create our high-quality gourmet canned seafood.

Banded carpet shell

(Venerupis rhomboideus)

The Banded carpet shell is a species found in the Atlantic coasts, from northern Africa to southern Norway. It is a medium-sized clam, with a shell of light brown color and dark stripes. It is highly valued in Galician cuisine and used in dishes such as clam empanadas. It is fished using methods such as basket rake. The season for the Banded carpet shell varies depending on the area, although it usually runs from September to May.

Indeed, there are various species of clams that differ in size, taste, origin, and fishing methods used. At Real Conservera Española, we are proud to offer high-quality canned clams made with the Pullet carpet shell species (Solen marginatus) and following traditional recipes from Galician cuisine. Give them a try and discover all their flavors and textures!

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