Real Conservera Española

The continuity of a family centennial saga

The continuity of a family centennial saga

Pasión for the product
By the Galician coast, the Atlantic and the Cantabrian.

Real Conservera Española assumes a permanent commitment to product quality. All the products of Real Conservera Española carry seafood exclusively from the Galician estuaries, whether they are from the Atlantic Ocean or the Cantabrian Sea. Using only the best viands, captured when they are in their best season and at the optimum point for their manufacture. For this, there are 38 buyers, exclusively dedicated to selecting the best fish and shellfish in about 74 Fishermen’s Associations along the coast.

Canning is done by hand, taking care of the sizes and manual placement of each piece in the can. Maintaining already forgotten processes such as the roasting of some fish and using only top-quality ingredients.

Innovation, the DNA of Real Conservera Española

21st century engineering applied to a process of more than 100 years.

With a Productive Installation with more than 3,400 square meters, at full capacity we will need more than 140 operators. Equipped with the most advanced technology both in machinery and in the laboratory, which includes HPLC and a Gas Chromatograph, it has been recognized as a spearhead in Europe by different Industry specialists. It will not only guarantee the highest production quality, but also ensure the commitment to sustainability and environment care.