Food Safety

Quality Commitment

At Real Conservera Española we are committed to applying the necessary measures to ensure our products comply with all applicable food regulations and legislation, guaranteeing our customers’ health and safety.


IFS Food

The security standard, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), certifies the security and quality of the food products processed and the production processes in which there may be any contamination.



Certificate required for exporting to countries outside of the European Union as it verifies that all of the traceability and security requirements for animal products, and animal health and safety standards are met.



An identity mark which ensures that the time between the capture and sale of the products in local fish markets is less than 24 hours. It also guarantees the quality, Galician origin, use of sustainable fishing methods, and that they meet all health and safety standards.


Berberecho de Noia

A trademark that distinguishes cockles that have been harvested from the authorized areas licensed by the Noia Fishers Association and that have been commercialized through any of the first-sale markets managed by said Fishers Association.



A federal organization which manages and regulates all food imports into the United States as well as the approval of food additives for human consumption in said products.


D.O.P. Mejillón de Galicia

A Regulatory Council which certifies the Galician origin of the mussels as well as guaranteeing quality standards in farming, processing, transformation and distribution



The responsible body for inspection and certification of organic production in Galicia, Spain, pursuant to the EU regulation.


Allergens and Considerations

We put our client’s safety first, that’s why we set strict quality control standards to prevent any possible contamination of our cans.

This type of contamination happens when the contaminating agents from one product are transferred to an uncontaminated one. Since we only work with 3 products with allergens, there is a small chance for some traces to be found in other products.

Precautionary Allergen Labelling
We only work with three types of allergens: molluscs, fish and sulfites. You can find more information about our quality and allergen policy here.

We want our customers to be well informed about our products. In compliance with our commitment to quality and transparency, we make sure all of our products are labeled to notify about any possible traces of the 3 allergens we work with.