How do we make our natural brine?

In the preserves we create at Real Conservera Española, we offer a wide variety of covering liquids and artisanal natural brines, each one carefully selected to enhance the flavor and quality of our products. These covering liquids not only serve as a preservation medium but also add unique flavors that make every bite an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Oil: the touch of sophistication

One of our most cherished covering liquid options is extra virgin olive oil. This golden and brilliant liquid, obtained from carefully selected olives, adds a touch of sophistication to our fish and seafood preserves. Extra virgin olive oil is known for its health benefits and distinctive flavor, which pairs perfectly with the flavors of the sea. In addition to enhancing the flavor of our products, extra virgin olive oil acts as a protective barrier, preserving the freshness and texture of the food during storage.

Escabeche: acidic and aromatic

Another option is escabeche, present in our fried mussels. Our escabeche is a mixture of vinegar, oil, and spices, which adds an acidic and aromatic touch to our preserved products. Escabeche has been used for centuries as a preservation technique, enhancing the flavor and texture of food while extending its shelf life. In our fish and seafood preserves, it creates a well-balanced combination of flavors that evoke Mediterranean culinary traditions.

Natural brine: the essence of the sea

Our natural bine, also known as “fumet,” is a light and flavorful liquid obtained by cooking our seafood from the Galician Rías with water and aromatics such as onion. This natural fumet captures the essence of the sea and provides a authentic flavor to our gourmet preserves. It’s perfect to be used as a base in soups, rice dishes, stews, and other recipes that require a delicate and exquisite marine touch. Real Conservera Española’s natural brine is like a caress of the sea in every bite.

The essence of the sea in Real Conservera Española’s natural brine

The term “fumet” comes from French, and its literal translation is “smoke.” It is said that in its origins, this brine was named so because of the subtle smoke that emanated from cooking fresh fish and seafood.

Our fumet or natural brine is the heart of the authentic gastronomic experience that Real Conservera Española offers in every can of artisanal preserves. This exquisite clear liquid is the result of an ancient culinary art and represents the very essence of the sea in every bite.

Natural brine crafting process: preserving the essence of the sea

The crafting of our natural brine is a meticulous and closely guarded process. The key to achieving this transparent and flavorful brine lies in the selection of ingredients and the respect for traditional culinary techniques. The cooking water from the seafood itself forms the fundamental base of the fumet, capturing all the nuances and flavors that the sea provides.

The cooking water of the seafood is carefully infused with a combination of ingredients such as onion and a touch of lemon, which enhance the natural flavors of the brine. In addition to enhancing the nuances, the lemon acts as a natural antioxidant, keeping the brine clear and free from impurities. No preservatives or artificial additives are added, ensuring that the fumet is pure and authentic, preserving the quality and freshness of the ingredients.

The delicacy and smoothness of the natural brine allow this liquid to act as a perfect accompaniment to our gastronomic treasures, enhancing the flavors of our cockles, scallops, razor clams, and clams, without stealing the spotlight, but complementing them in a masterful way.

Reuse the natural brine from our preserves

When you open a can of Real Conservera Española preserves, you not only enjoy the delicious content but also the exquisite covering liquid that accompanies it, infused with the natural flavors of seafood and fish. This makes it a rich and flavorful base for your culinary preparations.

Our natural brine or fumet is perfect for enhancing the flavor of your homemade dishes. You can use this natural brine to cook all kinds of preparations such as seafood risottos and stews. The natural brine provides a unique flavor base, combining the nuances of the sea with the creaminess of the rice or the comforting texture of the stew. The result is an explosion of flavors that will transport you directly to the Spanish coast. Simply replace some of the brine or liquid in your preparations with the fumet and experience how your dishes take on a unique dimension of flavor.

In addition to its exceptional flavor, reusing the natural brine from our preserves is also a sustainable practice! Using the natural brine that comes in our cans helps reduce food waste, as it makes use of a part that might otherwise be discarded. It’s a smart and delicious way to make the most of the flavors and resources that the sea provides.

Transparency and knowledge for an informed choice

By reading the ingredients listed on the label, you can gain a clear understanding of how the natural brine has been prepared of Real Conservera Española. This information enables consumers to know the used ingredients, their quality, and the respect for traditional culinary techniques.

Ingredient declaration is also crucial for those who have food allergies or intolerances, quickly and easily identifying whether the preserve contains any potential allergen, such as seafood, gluten, or other ingredients that might cause adverse reactions. Providing clear and accurate information about the ingredients used in our gourmet preserves is a testament to our commitment to quality, authenticity, and food safety.

Food safety in the canning industry

Airtight sealing and sterilization are two critical aspects within the canning industry that must be addressed with special attention. When food is sealed airtight inside the container, the oxygen present inside gradually depletes, creating an anaerobic environment. This environment, although essential for preserving the food, can also encourage the growth of anaerobic microorganisms, including Clostridium botulinum, one of the most heat-resistant and well-known pathogens in the food industry.

Our team of food safety and quality control experts ensures that each batch of preserves undergoes an appropriate and efficient sterilization process, using comprehensive techniques and optimal equipment to ensure the safety and quality of our gourmet products.

In addition to our focus on food safety, we are also committed to innovation and sustainability. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our processes, reduce our environmental impact, and promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. We believe that environmental preservation and the protection of natural resources are fundamental to the future of our industry and our planet.

Real Conservera Española: Authentic flavors with the stamp of food safety.

At Real Conservera Española, food safety is one of our fundamental principles. Since our beginnings, we have upheld a unwavering commitment to the quality and safety of our products. Our mission is to provide our customers with gourmet preserves of the highest quality, produced under rigorous safety standards, and with the unmistakable traditional flavor that sets us apart.

This commitment to food safety is reflected in the various certifications and recognitions we have obtained over the years. One of the most notable certifications is the prestigious IFS (International Featured Standards), an accreditation granted by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

Our company undergoes regular audits conducted by external entities, ensuring ongoing compliance with these rigorous standards. In this way, we ensure that our artisanal preserves meet the highest levels of quality and safety, providing confidence and peace of mind to our valued customers.