Real Conservera Española Celebrates World Art Day with “Arte en Lata”

World Art Day (April 15th) is a special date in which we commemorate the birth of one of the most important figures in art and science, Leonardo Da Vinci. Although there are many artists who we remember on this day, we also celebrate art itself as a form of human expression and how it enables us to communicate feelings and ideas through different types of form factors, in which all of our senses come into play.

Quality: the Essence of Real Conservera Española

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul”. A quote in which George Bernard emphasizes the importance of art in getting to know a person’s essence. But, not only people have souls. Objects, as the human creations they are, carry a little piece of their maker in them. We put a lot of love and care in our cans, which is what makes the difference, apart from the great taste of the high quality raw material we use.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to convey all of this to someone who has never tried gourmet canned seafood before. That’s the reason why we decided to bring art into the equation with Arte en Lata, an initiative unveiled for the first time at ArcoMadrid 2022 in collaboration with Unidad Editorial.

Arte en Lata

This artistic project aims to to combine the high quality and traditional nature of our canned seafood with the creativity and exclusivity of 14 world-renowned artists. The result is a premium product which combines art inspired by the sea with the high quality seafood it gives us.

Painting by Miquel Navarro

Arte en Lata is aimed towards all of those who are passionate about art and gastronomy, for those who enjoy getting to know their history. With this initiative we hope to offer something to fulfill these needs, giving each can its own story, enriching their craft-made, traditional nature.

These stories are told through a product range of our best canned seafood in combination with artwork from amazing artists, the likes of Isabel Muñoz, Miquel Navarro, José Manuel Ballester or Bernadí Roig. The common theme of these 50 x 50 cm artworks is the sea, from which we obtain all of the raw materials we use in our products.

RCE’s Social Responsibility

With Arte en Lata we hope to encourage more creativity in the canning industry and give more visibility to the amazing talent of the participating artists. We would also like to pay homage to the hardworking fish harvesters and clammers without whom we would not exist. Thus, part of the proceeds will go to the Cofradía de Pescadores San Antonio de Cambados and to the ECOMAR Foundation so that, together, we can keep making art both inside and out of the cans.

In honor of this special date in which we celebrate art, Real Conservera Española will be showcasing the different artworks of the 14 artists through social media as well as a brief description of each piece. We encourage you to take part in this project by following us on Instagram and Facebook and we hope you can celebrate World Art Day by, as George Bernard would say, using art to see your soul.