Celebrate Grandparents’ Day with Real Conservera Española

If we pay homage once a year to our fathers and our mothers, our grandparents could not be less. That is why today in Spain, as in other Catholic countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Panama or Venezuela, Grandparents’ Day is celebrated in honor of the grandparents of Jesus: Santa Ana and San Joaquín.

Although it may seem surprising, many grandparents also come to Real Conservera Española asking about our canned seafood products. Most of them contact us because they want to improve their health by incorporating more omega 3 or iron in their diet and they are looking for an excellent product that fulfills this task. In addition, there is no Galician grandfather or grandmother who does not love canned products; and like ours, there are not many.

Properties of canned products

As we mentioned in another post, canned food has great advantages. For example, they have a long shelf life, are easy to store, and are also healthy. Some of the nutrients that our canned fish and shellfish provide are proteins, fatty acids, omega 3 and vitamins A and D.

One of the questions that our customers ask us the most, both for themselves and for their grandparents, is which of our canned seafood products has more iron. And we, just like with our grandparents, give them the most honest answer:

The best gourmet preserves

Something that we are very proud of at Real Conservera Española is the care we put into ensuring that all our raw material comes from the Galician estuaries. Its very cold waters give it the firmness necessary to be able to work it with all the care in the world. In addition, as all the raw material is caught when it is in the campaign, the product has the perfect point of maturity. In short, we work with the best raw material that our Rias give us.

The elaboration process is also carried out with great care, manually and piece by piece to let the raw material shine on its own.

Whoever tries our preserves assures it: there is nothing like it. And this is confirmed by the awards obtained over the years, which classify us as “The best preserve in the world”

Therefore, on this special day, do not hesitate: give. Give health to those who care for us the most, who support and encourage us without asking for anything in return, to our best and dearest customers, to our grandparents.