RCE at the Biggest Food Fair in the Middle East: Gulfood 2022

At Real Conservera Española, we believe in the importance of assisting to all kinds of events and meetings related to our sector, as they are a great opportunity for us to interact with other organizations who face the same challenges and obstacles that we do.

Each time we go to one of these events, we realize just how many companies are actively working in the food industry and that often times, our trajectories can be traced back to the same starting point. The challenges we face are the same that other canneries, or companies in the food industry face. It is through interaction with these companies, through learning from their experience and history, that we are able to overcome whatever challenge comes our way.

The Importance of the International Market

Although we have a lot of national support, the international market is still a long way ahead. That’s why we have decided to take the next step in our internacional commercial strategy by going to a new market with one of the harshest entry barriers from a Spanish standpoint: the Middle East.

The Middle East’s food industry is one of the most competitive in the world, which is why the entry requirements for its market are highly demanding. A great to make our gourmet canned seafood known and learn more about this market is by going to the most anticipated international event.

Gulfood 2022

Gulf Food is considered the largest food fair in the Middle East. This international event in Dubai brings together all of the great food producers, distributors and providers. It is also the first time we personally assist an international food industry event since the beginning of the pandemic.

In fact, our CEO, Lucrecia María García Fernández, pointed out during the event that “it is the most important food fair in Asia at the sectoral level”, something that could be verified not only by the sheer amount of attendees, but by the variety of participating countries.

During our stay, we were able to meet food companies and chefs from over 85 different countries, who astonished us

with their innovative culinary skills. For example, one of the products we were most surprised by was watermelon seed oil.

This ever-present creativity in Gulfood inspired us to revolutionize our own recipes. So much so, that during the event we, alongside Snacks el Valle (Valencia), discovered thar our spicy pickled mussels go along perfectly with their potato chips, which are fried in olive oil. A great combination of gourmet products that will please even the most refined palates.

However, the Valencians were not the only ones that caught our eye, or that of the attendees. We also had the chance to meet and exchange ideas with La Despensa, a culinary collaboration which we are very proud of.

Although we made many connections with Spanish companies, we also had the chance to meet companies and providers from Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Pakistan and India, which has opened the door for us to broaden our international strategy.

Added Value

Despite the fact that we were hoping to find a great networking space that would help consolidate our brand internationally, the result has surpassed all our expectations. Our «2021 World’s Best 101 Canned Food Products from the Sea» awarded products were very well received by both consumers and companies. We took back great ideas and experiences from colleagues in our sector, which we can assure is in full swing. Overall, the experience has meant a starting point to bring our gourmet canned seafood into the Middle Eastern market, a difficult but necessary achievement.