From the mackerel and garfish to the sardine

These three fish can be referred to as “cosmopolitan” as they like to move around the oceans, migrating depending on the temperature, climate and currents. Climate change has made these conditions change so much that their migration routes have also changed, which has also altered fishing routes.

Despite the mackerel, sardine and garfish being different species, they are all considered blue fish and follow the same production process here at Real Conservera. Once the fish arrives at our cannery, they go through a traditional evisceration process done by hand to later be cleaned, making sure that each piece is perfectly clean before going on to the next phase. Next, the fish are lighlty covered in olive oil and toasted. Only the best specimens are picked and hand packed, one by one. Once the can has been packed manually, the covering liquid is added and the can is sealed, cleaned and sterilized in the autoclave.


The small mackerel used at Real Conservera comes from inshore fishing along the Atlantic coast and is very hard to obtain. We acquire our products from local Galician seafood markets during its campaign, between March and June.

Of the three species, the mackerel is the one with the most intense flavor and texture, making it an excellent gourmet product. And not in vain, as our mackerel in olive oil was awarded as the #1 canned mackerel in the world! If you would like to try it, you can find by using this link.


The garfish is probably the least well-known of the three, but definitely not for Galicians, especially by those in the south where it is widely consumed. In fact, many Galicians call it “alcrique”. In Andalucia they have their own nickname for the garfish, which they call “saltón”. Despite its many names, one thing is clear: those who try it, love it. With a slighlty less intense flavor than that of the mackerel, it is a perfect choice for those looking for something special. You can buy them in this link.

Small Sardines

Our small sardines are only fished in and around the Galician estuaries. Inshore fishing is the method by which they are fished, which is only along the Galician coastline in the right time of year, in which they have the right amount of fat to ensure great flavor and texture. In comparison to the mackerel and garfish which are in campaign from March to June, the small sardines begin their campaign now in September.

You can buy our small sardines using this link.