Our Gourmet Canned Tapas Recipes for Christmas

With only a few days to go until Christmas, we propose some of the easiest and most gourmet recipes with which our team will decorate their respective Christmas tables. Although easy, these recipes are designed to impress, as they are made with our gourmet preserves.

What does gourmet mean?

A gourmet is that person who knows haute cuisine. For us, a gourmet product is one that presents a much higher than average quality. Our preserves are made based on the best fish and shellfish, using fumets made from natural and quality ingredients, and they are cooked and packed with the greatest care so that each piece reaches the palates of our customers in perfect conditions. The process, far from being fast, is arduous and complicated, since it is almost entirely manual. It requires a lot of experience and skill, which is why we often refer to it as goldsmith, and our artisans, as artists.

Therefore, when a customer buys one of our gourmet preserves, they know that they are getting the best on the market. With the arrival of Christmas comes the time to share with the family and from Real Conservera Española we want to present our little treasures.

Gourmet canned tapas

This week our team has exchanged their best gourmet tapas recipes for Christmas. And we have been surprised how easy and fast they all are. So much so that it is worth sharing them with you. Here are our favourites:

Cockles ceviche

Our manager has provided us with this incredible recipe that will only take 15 minutes, so it is ideal to prepare minutes before the whole family sits down at the table.

Ingredients: Real Conservera cockles, avocado, red onion, puffed corn, squeezed lime, fresh cilantro, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Preparation: Chop the cilantro and the onion, cut the avocado into small pieces and mix everything with a drizzle of olive oil and the squeezed lime. Finally add 1 can of our natural cockles (including the couverture) and mix it all up again. Decorate it with a few puffed corns and let it cool for a couple of minutes.

Suggestion from our manager Lucrecia: you can present the ceviche on shells to give it a touch of haute cuisine.

Small Sardine and escalivada tapa

Our best sales agent, Estrella, has dazzled us with this tapa. It will take 10 minutes!

Suggestion: prepare the escalivada in advance or buy it already made. To prepare it you will need to slice and roast an aubergine, a pepper, an onion and a tomato with a little salt and olive oil.

Ingredients: escalivada, Real Conservera Small Sardines, biscuits or toast.

Preparation: once the escalivada is done, serve it by mixing the vegetables on the biscuit or toast. To finish, add one of our small sardines in olive oil on top.

Mussel and guacamole tapa

Antonio, head of the export department, told us this week that the fastest, easiest and most surprising tapa is the mussel with guacamole. Although at first glance it may not convince the most traditional palates, we assure you that our pickled mussels fit perfectly with guacamole.

On a fried potato put a little guacamole and add the mussel. And that’s it! Faster, impossible. Go ahead and do it, you will love it!

If you still need more ideas for your Christmas starters, don’t worry. In our online gourmet store you will find a great diversity of preserves that will dazzle just by opening them. Since the pieces of fish and shellfish are placed so artistically that surely more than one family member ends up taking a photo of them. And if so, send it to us because we also want to know how your Christmas table turned out.