Real Conservera Española is awarded by the World’s 101 Best Canned Food Products from the Sea ranking

Real Conservera Española at the top in 2021. Ranking of the best canned food products in the world.

In its first year, the Ranking of the best canned seafood products in the world “2021 World’s Best 101 Canned Food Products from the Sea” has awarded Real Conservera Española the honour of being recognized as one of the best canned fish and seafoods in the world. The nº1 in several of our products.

This 2021 we have been defined internationally as the flagship of Galician canning and the Ranking jury highlights us as one of the most important international benchmarks.

Of the 7 products that we decided to present to the Ranking, 3 have achieved the No. 1 position in their respective categories: our Razor Shells in brine of the Galician Rías, our Mackerel in Olive Oil and our Sardine in Olive Oil are in 2021 the best in the world.

The rest of the products; the Small Sardine “Limited Edition” 18/22, the Urchin Roe in brine, our Clams in brine of the Galician Rías and the Marinade Mussels, have entered the Top 10 of each category among the more than 350 canned products from all over the world valued in a blind tasting.

Real Conservera Española is awarded by the World's 101 Best Canned Food Products from the Sea ranking

To celebrate this achievement, we have decided to reveal the keys to the success of Real Conservera Española.

Would you like to get to know us better? Let’s get in there.


Our raw material

We have to start by talking about the great protagonist of our world. The raw material. The most prestigious fish markets in the world are minutes away from our cannery. Thanks to this we can allow ourselves to select, with expert eyes, the best raw material from our Galician coasts and bring it fresh every morning to our facilities.


Our women

Let’s talk about history … Traditionally in Galicia the work of the canned seafood has been carried out by women. On the Galician coast, man went to the sea and many of the ladies to the canneries. A job that, in past times, not only began to provide an additional salary in the family, it also endowed many women for the first time with independence, freedom, friendships, dreams, challenges, professional goals …

It is a historical, traditional, even hereditary work, and very important for our fishing villages.

At Real Conservera Española, 90% of the staff are women. From the operators, who are in charge of treating the raw material with as much care as possible, placing it piece by piece in a can … passing through the logistics, sales or accounting departments … until reaching our CEO. And Real Conservera couldn’t be more gratefull and prouder of all of them.


Our quality

All products are packed by hand in a natural way. We do not use chemicals, preservatives or additives. Even our sauces and coverages are made in our kitchen by our own chefs, with fresh and natural products, using the same secrets recipes for 101 years. A raw material of this category does not need more than pamper, respect and affection.

All our processes are certified by IFS (International Featured Standards), a prestigious organization that evaluates the quality, transparency and efficiency of each manufacturing process in the food industry. The Royal Spanish Cannery is one of the few canneries approved by IFS worldwide, and improving the grade of this evaluation year after year has been key to putting our product at the top of the world ranking.

With all this and much more, we achieve a UNIQUE final product. Something else than a simple can. A product with history, with charisma, artisanal and natural that has led us to the best canning positions in the world.

We are proud and happy not only to put our brand in the spotlight but also to raise the prestige of Spanish canning products and its canning companies to the top. We will continue with the same passion for doing things right and treating the raw material of our loved Galician coast with that care that characterizes us.

A big hug from Cambados! And thank you for the support.

The RCE team.